2017 AAPG | SEG International Conference & Exhibition

100 Years of Science Fueling
100 Years of Prosperity

15-18 October 2017
London, England

About AAPG International (ICE)

SEG and AAPG, the recognized global leaders in the dissemination of high-quality geoscience data and information, bring their International Conference and Exhibition (ICE) to London, 15-18 October, 2017. The 4th edition in the joint series, AAPG/SEG ICE London will gather geologists, geophysicists and other petroleum industry professionals from 60+ countries to build their knowledge and skills, discover technology innovations and network with peers.

If you want to become a leader and/or stay relevant in this constantly changing industry, you need access to the tools, content and contacts that will help you succeed. By participating in and supporting ICE, you’ll benefit from the Societies’ collective reach of more than 65,000 professional and student members worldwide, and align yourself with some of the most credible geosciences information available. It is this focus on science and community that unites the two societies in purpose and provides the cornerstone for both personal and business opportunities atthe event.

Potential IP Exhibitors

Envoi Ireland / Dept. of Natural Res. Nova Scotia Trinidad & Tobago
Falkland Islands Gov't Namibia / NAMCOR Rak Gas Uruguay / ANCAP
Faroe Islands New Zealand / Petroleum & Minerals South Africa / Petroleum Agency SA

AAPG International Floorplan

Exhibitor Info

Come visit the International Pavilion to review worldwide development and exploration activity,
preview current/upcoming licensing rounds, and make contacts with energy ministers,
state licensing authorities and NOC executives.